Hopscotch chalk

white powdered hands dusted off on the back of corduroy pants, plaid skirts.

white chalk scratches on the brick sidewalk

tiny feet thudding the red clay bricks

“Mommy! Mommy! Look! I got it!”

“That’s nice, honey, why don’t you go again?”

“But mooommmm, I’m hungryyyy”

“Alright, darling. Gimme a sec, I’m nearly done with my work.

Come now, let’s go get some sandwiches”

via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

Put the mirrors back







They light up like the spotlights were at my first speech. Bright and blinding. I stand stark naked in my graduation robe.


They shine like the fairy lights I bought as a thirteen year old.


They spark like daddy’s eyes before a lashing.


They wobble like a dewdrop on a leaf.


rest now.






via Daily Prompt: Eyes

Roiling Storm

Our fires light the land,
we run ablaze.
Combat the coming darkness,
FIGHT the coming blue.

We are small/we may be tiny.
But until we fall, we will stand tall.
We will not cower, hide or run for cover
Resistance is futile, we are wise to know.
All that’s left to accomplish is elegance in the second coming.


1) I stole the pic off tumblr (I love Californian sunsets)
2) this sounded way better when it first tumbled out from my brain

Mary had a little lamb

then the priest he tried to snap its neck.
got five other men to have it on its back.
laid spreadeagled on the cold stone table.
Its hapless baa-ing touches no heart.
“oh Lord, bless us! Here, we have you an offering!”
“meayyyh…meayyyh…” sound Its last bleats
(even) the Lamb mocks your innocence, naivete,
(even) as the blade plunges down.
the blood is spilt, it spurts, it sprays, and spews and spews and spews
does God love you now?
dailywritingprompt- sacrifice

Pondering the decision

Enervation of the soul eternal
post-sale to the bloodied Devil
Languish in the sulfuric languor of hell
as God sits on his bleached throne
It has been stained no less than the one in hell
but it’s shinier, and cleaner
Is the only difference the janitors?