Put the mirrors back

Dull. Glassy. Empty. Mine. // Yours. They light up like the spotlights were at my first speech. Bright and blinding. I stand stark naked in my graduation robe. *twinkle* They shine like the fairy lights I bought as a thirteen year old. *flash* They spark like daddy's eyes before a lashing. *water* They wobble like … Continue reading Put the mirrors back



Smooth was the skin pulled taut and fair Smooth was the bun holding all that hair Smooth were the pearls with which she dressed and smooth was the satin on which she wept


In dark alleys. Under your eyes. Behind you in the glare of spotlight. Inside you, leaking out from your soul and coating you all over, smearing your vision, taste, hearing and smell. Like yet another caul you struggle to break out from. The raven black of your beautiful hair, and the pinpoint black of your … Continue reading Shadows