The ludicrous notion that we must know everything by the time we are ten

There’s so much focus on clarity these days. The emphasis placed on having to see people and things for what exactly they are. To have take apart any secrecy, look through all plans and be able to say for sure that nothing is being kept from us. To determine that they are true to us, with no hidden agendas. But what about when the truth is stripped bare and it’s a shrunken corpse, a black, rotten apple? Some presents are better left unwrapped. War cannot be won without blackmail.
Even not as leaders, we cannot let ourselves be misled. We must know exactly where we’re headed, where we’re going. What is your personal vision, always have a goal. See, see, SEE. look. Closely. Carefully. Everywhere you look, whereever you go. Squint and scrutinize. And put every effort into achieving it. Everything you do must hold purpose, it must bring you closer to your pot of gold. Sharpen your focus, blur off the background. Cut out the noise, black it all out. Nothing is worth anything except for your own road.
And you must know it as a child.



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